Monday, May 25, 2009

Wowwww...spent many, many hours this morning trying to figure out all the background stuff for this blog. There is a good website that gives great directions that Valerie gave me, but when I went to save my template, all I got were error messages...5 times!!! That was a lot of work, and I was bummed, but I found another good website(don't have the address on this laptop), that was much easier to plug in. Anyways....
The weather outside is semi-warm, cloudy, and rainy, with some thunder and lightning in between. That doesn't seem to make for a great Memorial Day BBQ or day at the pool, unfortunately. Nathan has been working out in the backyard getting our trampoline area ready--yeah, should have been done last year, but whatever. He has built the cinder block wall and covered the slope of dirt with fabric, now it is ready for the rock that is sitting in our driveway. I will just be happy when the rock is covering that dirt, because it is LAUREN who loves to dig in it and get all muddy with her friends. Aside from that, Jonathan likes to eat dirt, and although he has really been healthier since he started with that about 7 years ago, I would prefer that he didn't.(: They all enjoy the tramp much better than the dirt anyways, it's just taken awhile to overhaul the yard, and speaking of which, I am slightly perturbed that our brand new grass from last summer is coming up green and lush in some areas and dead looking brown in others. We have fertilized, aerated, thatched--you name it, we've done it, so if anyone knows why this would happen, do tell! The plants will have to wait a couple weeks until I can physically plant them, or until Nathan has some time to do it for me, but I can't wait for some color in the garden!

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